How does it works?

Step - 1

Step - 2

To download Location Tracker Click Here and install in your devices.
Open that application and registered your account with your gmail account. All the related data of locations, geo fences and its alerts will be uploaded in your Google Drive.

Step - 3

Step - 4

Open Google Chrome or Safari and open and login with Gmail Account which you registered in Application.
After loging in now you can see the list view which contains Location, Replay Route, Geo Location, Reports(Location Report, Location Wait Report, Geo Location Report and Geo Attendance Report) and Settings. You can see the download progress bar that indicates, your data is being downloaded.

Step - 5

Step - 6

When click on location tab you can see the latest location of selected persons on map along with details.
Reply route will show you all the locations in route format of selected user on map. You can select particular date from calendar. You can vary the location points using given buttons on map. You can also autoplay it in forward and backward both the directions. You can toggle visibility of route line and also change color of route line as well.

Step - 7

Step - 8

CLick on Geo Location. Click on Create/Edit list item to create or edit geo fence. You can see list of geo fences you have already created and google map along with geo fences plotted on map. Click on any geo fence name to focus on that place in map. Drag mouse over to place icon to view place details. You can focus all the places at a time by clicking on 'View All Places' button. You can remove geo fence by clicking on thrash bin icon viewing on mouse over on place name.
Click on Geo Alert. You will get list of users. Select any user. You will get list of geo fences (places). Now click on any place name, you will get geo fence alerts for that selected place for selected user along with details. Recent alerts will be showen on top. You can click on alert list item to view place plotted on popup map. You can view alerts for all the places at a time by clicking on 'View All Place Alert Details'.



You can get reports in tabular form and also you can save it to your local drive by clicking on excel icon. You can get various reports like Location report, Location wait report, Geo location report, Geo attendance report etc. You need to select user from dropdown menu. Thenafter you have to select start date and end date from calendar as per your choice and press submit.
You can modify your accound with the setting part. You can get direct link for Location Tracker from here. You can view your account validity and information. You can rename profile name and able to change profile picture as well. You can send feedback or queries regarding to application directly from here.