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Cell phone tracker allows you to view and save xls reports. There are mainly 4 reports Location report, Location wait report, Geo location report and Geo attendance report. You can select date range from the calendar as per your choice and view report. You can save this custom report to your local drive in excel format. Report contains all important fields like date, time, duration, text, popup map links etc.
Location Report:
You can check device locations along with its details for particular date range. You can also see a location on map from 'Plot Map' link. You will get popup map on screen.
Location Wait Report:
You can check wait time and travel time for particular date range. With the help of this report, you can check how much time a device has been spent on travel and how much time device has been idle at certain location. You can also get total of wait time, travel time and total of both the times. You can see distance between two points in various formates like meters, kms, miles etc. You can also get total distance that device have been travelled in particular date range.
Geo Location Report:
You can check when particular device have been entered and left particular geo fence you have been created. You can also get report for all the geo fences for particular device at a time.
Geo Attendance Report:
With the help of this report, you can check total time duration passed by device at certain geo fence for particular date range.