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Cell phone tracker is storing device location log on your Google drive account and allows you to view date wise location history on your desk top. Cell phone tracker does not upload or store any data on any server therefore it is most secure way to deliver phone tracking services. Your personal data remains in your phone, your desktop or your Google drive account.
You can select next or previous day or choose date from the calendar and view location point of route travelled on specific day. Location points are presented on Google map with date and time stamp. You can see colored route line between start point and end point. You can change color of routeline as per your choice. Also you can auto play route forward or backward to understand movement of device. Arrows moving on routeline, will show you starting and ending point of route. You can zoom in / out to view location of device.
Cell phone tracker allows you to have multiple devices on single account for monitoring. Multiple device capability makes cell phone tracker to family tracker or it can be used for tracking employee for small company. You can choose devise you like to monitor and view location point on the route of specific device.