• Location Tracking

    Identify your best & worst employees.

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  • Replaying Routes

    Replaying route of particular day.

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  • Creating Geo Fence

    Monitor your children or employees by creating fence at particular place.

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  • Generating Reports

    Generating various types of reports for analyzing data.

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Track particular user location.

Replay Route

Tracking route of a particular user.

Geo Location

Display information of places you have created for all the contacts.


Extract all reports in excel file format.


Change profile details and account details with settings.

  • Location
  • Reply Route
  • Geo Location
  • Reports
  • Settings

  • Location
    Instantly see the current location on map.
    Selection choice with user photo and nick name.
    View current position of multiple users at the same time in same window.
    View perfect location by blinking pointer on map.
    Access this information directly from your Web Browser.

  • Reply Route
    Check detailed route history for particular day within a specified period of time.
    Unique locate points control panel containing larger display that shows current locate point number.
    Select previous or next day as well as choose particular day from calendar as well.
    Colored routeline and arrows on map that displays direction of path from starting to ending point.
    Show/hide routeline and change its color of your choice.
    Check all the locate points and can vary those locate points by slider.
    Analyze each and every locate points by pressing next and previous button.
    Autoplay locate points by 'Forward' as well as 'Backward' side and can 'Pause' it in between if you want to analyze certain locate point.

  • Geo Location
    Create geo fence over map anywhere you want.
    Get detailed hints while creating or editing geo fence.
    Multiple choices for assinging fence icon and radius.
    View detailed information about fence and edit this information any time.
    Get alerts while user entering or leaving fence you have created.
    View alert details for single or multiple fences for particular user.
    Remove fence if you do not want to get alert from that fence any more.

  • Reports
    Get Location Report, Geo Location Report and Location Wait Report for multiple days.
    You can check and download all the reports in Excel format to your local hard drive within a specified period of time.
    You can view all the details in tabular format in web browser.
    Popup map to view selected location or geo fence while analyzing reports.
    Get geo location report with multiple fences at a time.
    Get wait time and travel time for particular day as well as multiple days.
    Get distance between different locations you have been visited. Multiple choices for distance format (meters, kms, miles).

  • Settings
    Get direct link for Cellphone Tracker APK file.
    Get links for similar products.
    View account validity and purchase information.
    Modify user profile.
    Send feedback and queries directly from here.
    24 * 7 email support.