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Geo Location

Cell phone tracker is storing your call history on your Google drive account and allows you to view your call log on your desk top. Cell phone tracker does not upload or store any data on any server therefore it is most secure way to deliver phone tracking services. Your personal data remains in your phone, your desktop or your Google drive account.
You can create geo fence on given map, that will help you to track device whenever it meets fence created by you. You will get notification through an email while registered device entering or leaving that fence. You can see list of geo fences (places) you have created along with its fetails.

How to create geo fence?
Hints will helps you to create or edit geo fence. You can enable or disable hints at any time you want. You need to click on map where you want to create geo fence. Suggest name for place. Give 500 to 5000 meters radius through slider. Choose icon you want set for geo fence. Click OK to finalize process.
You can see list of geo phences you have created. You can view single place as well as all the places on map at a time. You can edit any of these places by double clicking on place icon middle of the red circle. You can re-assign radius meters, change its icon and also you can change place name.
You can see list of alerts generated for particular place along with its details. Small red and green icons indicates whether the alert is for 'In' or 'Out'. You can see history of alerts by clicking on 'See More' button on bottom right of place alerts listing. Recent alerts will be showen on the top. You can also see alerts of all the places at a time.
You can click on place alert to view geo fence on map along with place details.