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Location Tracker Features

Location Tracker is most reliable and usefull application for tracking your children or employees mobile data. This mobile application works in background, so you can track all activities of users such as locations, geo fences and its alerts etc. These all information will be stored by application on your google drive account and NO information goes out to any 3rd party server or our server. So, this application has most powerfull security.

Current Location

Using this feature you can see current location of all users. Also you can see all the location datewise. You can change the date and check the location at that time. Also indicates the new location with blinking 'New' text on main list view while new location is added or changed.

Replay Route

You can see all the location points datewise of particular user. So this is very easy way to findout path of user and check which area he/she has visited. Also you can vary the location points by slider below the map and check exact location at that time. You can autoplay locate points in forward as well as in backword direction. You can also pause it in between. You can show or hide routeline that indicates the route path. You can also change color of routeline.

Geo Location

Using this feature, you can create geo fence that will help you to track device whenever it meets fence created by you. You will get notification through an email while device entering or leaving that fence.

Geo Alerts

You can see list of alerts generated for particular geo fence along with its details. You can also see history of alerts. Recent alerts will be showen on the top. You can also see alerts of all the places at a time.

All the features reports can be generated and downloaded in Excel format.This features allows you to see the all information of call logs, sms and location with all he information like Name, call duration and date, Mobile no., Address, etc... So it can be easy to analysis.


Now you can get direct link for downloading Location Tracker apk from here. Location Tracker allows you to change user's photo, so user can easily identify the users by their name and photos. You can also send an email to us directly from here regarding any queries or to give feedback.