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What is Location Tracker? How does it work?

Location Tracker is an Android smart phone software application. Location Tracker application discreetly keeps tabs on location of target device. Location Tracker determines GPS coordinates of the phone and shows the location of the target device on a convenient map. Location Tracker is useful application for tracking kids and family members. It is also useful tool for tracking employees.
The software needs to be installed right onto the mobile device you want to track. Physical access to the mobile device you wish to track on is only needed during the installation stage. After installation of Location Tracker, it starts uploading all data (even if it was erased by the phone's owner for some of the devices) to your private Gmail account(Google Drive) and then presented from any PC or Internet-enabled device. We recommend Chrome web browser only as Location Tracker is optimized for Chrome.
NB: The target device (the phone you intend to monitor) must have Internet access, and be compatible with our application. Check if the model of your phone is supported. Please note, this software runs on the most popular platforms Android!
Location Tracker
Accessibility: round the clock access to the monitored phone activity from desktop.
Value: Location Tracker is most cost-effective solution in the market.
Power: Location Tracker is the most powerful and user-friendly software on the market.
Security: Location Tracker is most secure as it does not store your data on Server, it uses Google drive for storage.

Do you ensure my privacy protection?

Location Tracker is most secure and safe. Your data is secure and No one can access it. Not even us.

We don't collect or store any personal information as we do not have access to it. Location Tracker is designed such that data remains between your phone and your Google drive account only. It is used for presenting on your desktop only. So even we cannot have access to your personal data.

What's the point of using Location Tracker?

Making sure that kids and family members are safe - the most popular uses of Location Tracker and Monitoring employees' mobile phone usage.

How to install Location Tracker?

Step-1: First go to Google Playstore and Download application from there.
Step-2: Now open application in your device,application will ask for google drive access(Note: We do not use Gmail password,we use Auth ID which can revoke at any time in Google account settings.) ,write your nick name and Set your profile picture.
Step-3: Now turn on your PC.Open URL http://gpslocation.in/LT_Server.html in your browser(we recommends Chrome Web Browser).
Step-4: NOW YOU ARE ON LOGIN PAGE! Login with the same e-mail id,Which is used during registration in phone.
Step-5: DATA WILL GET DOWNLOADED AUTOMATICALY FROM GOOGLE DRIVE & will available in various categories.(Click on particular categories to see data)

How can I be sure that Location Tracker will work?

We can assure you that our Location tracing software is absolutely reliable. We are so confident about the quality of our product.It is absolutely free for try out.
For more details on our privacy policy please visit this page.

Is it legal to track employees using Location Tracker?

Companies also have a legal right to monitor phones used in the course of conducting company business to ensure the devices are not being misused. Companies are obliged to notify employees on what type of Location usage is deemed acceptable. Please note that by informing staff before installing Location Tracker on their phones, and by having them accepted this as part of using the company-owned devices you avoid any legal problems.

Why can only Internet-enabled phones be used as the target device for Location Tracker application?

The target phone must be Internet-enabled for Location Tracker to send the tracked information from the monitored device to your Account. The Internet access is also needed for downloading the application into the target device.

Is there any indication of where the Internet connection was made on the phone bill?

No. The phone bill may contain only the information about the total amount of data transfer or time consumed; not a clue about the connection sources or applications that used the Internet.

Does this application support my phone service provider?

Location Tracker is used on all supported phones regardless of network, service provider, or location. You will have full access to Location Tracker data even if the phone is in the back of beyond. The only Location Tracker requirements are that the target phone is powered by a supported operating system and has Internet access, which means that an overwhelming majority of mobile devices available on the market are compatible with Location Tracker!

Where can I see captured GPS location information?

All type of data can be accessed at http://gpslocation.in/LT_Server.html.
The first logs of tracked GPS locations after the set-up of the initial phone number. The sidebar to the left contains the statistics menu. Your Location Tracker Account will enable you to track real-time usage of the target cell phone with a great ease.

What if I need technical support?

We provide online 24/7 technical support to all our customers. Need to contact our Support Team via email. You can reach them at services@skyproductivity.com. or you can send a tracked support request at Cell Phonetracker@skyproductivity.com and we will quickly reply giving you detailed instructions to fix your problem.